Essay #3: Evaluating Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

The first phase of research for the final project will be Essay #3 and it involves ‘prospecting’ for creative work. Look for potential clients looking for the types of services an advertising agency provides. Spend some extra time doing this assignment, because you may be using the RFP you find for this assignment for your later presentations and projects. Be creative! Look deeper! Ask questions!

Using a search engine of your own choosing, examine sample requests for proposal (RFPs).·

Make sure that these are “creative” or “advertising” RFPs·     Find at least three RFPs from at least two sources  During your search you will observe several RFP samples and possible downloads. ·

Look for RFPs that you would actually be interested in pitching·

Look for potential clients that you believe would match you

Select a free download. ·

Requests for Proposals

Most RFPs should be available in PDF format·

Avoid RFPs that are over five pages long (or otherwise complicated)·

You may select an RFP from a Government Agency or an Advertising Firm.·

Write a brief paragraph describing the potential client [50-150 words]·

Like the Nonprofit Worksheet, give the Mission, Goals and Audiences

Requests for Proposals

Identify and describe the parts of the sample RFP that you downloaded.·

Be specific. Use complete sentences. [100-300 words]·

Follow the structure or outline of the RFP.

o  Compare your sample RFP — Comment of the similarities and the differences.·     Be specific. Use complete sentences. [100-300 words]·

Follow the structure or outline of the two RFPs.
If you worked at a P.R. strategic communications firm or advertising agency how would you convince your boss to pursue this particular RFP? [50-150 words] Answer all of the questions in a single typed essay between 300 and 900 words. Copy-and-Paste or upload your assignment to the UDC Blackboard site. Be ready to discuss your RFP and potential client in  class.

Requests for Proposals

requests for proposals
Evaluating Requests for Proposals (RFPs) - 3 ways to write the best RFP 2