ESSAY QUESTION: Rationale of Worlding IR

Does the claim that all state pursue their national interest undermine the main rationale of worlding IR?

What interests can be served by the latter in an anarchical society of states?

Assessment Brief:-

This question address the issue of what happens when the academic/intellectual project of WIR meets the reality of international politics in a system of anarchy.

Does the imperative of pursuing the national interest militate against the attempt to find a common ground within WIR?

Can we redefine the ‘national interest’ to avoid this, or can we do without a ‘common ground’ within WIR and incorporate this into a reformulated ‘national interest’?

– Assessment is based on a clear understanding of the basics of WIR as well as the role anarchy and ‘national interest’ play in international politics.

A clear understanding of the tension between critical academy and policy as well as between worlding IR and the pursuit of the national interest should be evident.

The ability to think ‘national interest’ beyond the confines of ‘realism’ would be rewarded.

– a critical engagement is important when writing this essay.- delve deeply into the necessary conditions that make your answer possible.