How Do I Format a Formal Summary and an Executive Summary? 2 excellent ways

Formal Summary and an Executive Summary Purpose of Assignment 4 Assignment 4 will help you practice the following skills: Reading and understanding complex academic and professional texts Summarizing material to show comprehension of primary and supporting points Using writing as a tool for understanding complex ideasChoosing an appropriate style and tone for your intended audienceYou […]

Rhetorical analysis of an ad campaign – 2 brilliant approaches to analyzing an ad

Major Essay 2: Rhetorical Analysis  Rhetorical analysis of an ad campaign (100 pts) Choose an ad campaign for a major product or company which has multiple ads and advertising formats. For example, consider: aerie campaign, or w new product from a fast-food restaurant, or a new car, Progressive Insurance, Gieco Insurance, etc. Print out, read, […]

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